The Regional Coordination of Wine Roads and typical products of Veneto was born

Soave (Vr) is baptizing the Regional Coordination of Wine Roads and typical products of the Veneto region

President of the association, composed of 12 Veneto Roads, will be Paolo Menapace (president of the Soave Wine Route), vice president Isidoro Rebuli (president of the Prosecco wine route and wines of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Hills) and will be in charge for 3 years

The goal of the new association, to team up to have more force in the promotion and valorisation of a strategic sector for the Veneto economy




Press release

Soave (Vr), 13 June 2018. Accomplice in the heat of these days, it could not happen that in the cool rooms of a cellar the baptism of the Regional Coordination of Wine Roads and typical products of Veneto. The constitutive act and the statute of the newborn association were signed last 12th June by the representatives of the 12 Roads that compose it in the Monte Tondo winery in Soave, in the East Veronese. To be the godfather to the event, Francesco Antoniolli, vice president of the National Coordination of Roads of Wine, Oil and Italian Flavors, as well as president of the Road of wine and flavors of Trentino. President and vice president of the association, in office for three years, were respectively named Paolo Menapace, president of the Soave Wine Route and Isidoro Rebuli, president of the Prosecco Road and wines of Colli Conegliano Valdobbiadene.

The 12 participating roads. The Regional Coordination has joined: Arcole Doc Wine Route, Colli Berici Wine Route, Colli Euganei Wine Route, Lessini Durello Wine Route, Doc Lison Pramaggiore Wine Route, Prosecco Route and Conegliano Valdobbiadene Hills Wine, Strada del Radicchio Rosso of Treviso, Strada del Recioto and Gambellara wines Doc. Vialone Nano Veronese Igp Rice Road, Soave Wine Route, Torcolato Road and the wines of Breganze, Valpolicella Wine Route. The Management Committee of the Regional Coordination is made up of Franco Zanovello (Colli Euganei Wine Route), Rino Polacco (Colli Berici Wine Route, Cristian Zulianello (President of the Doc Lison Pramaggiore Wine Route), Isidoro Rebuli (President of the Prosecco Wine and Colli Conegliano Valdobbiadene) and Paolo Menapace (President of the Soave Wine Route) The Regional Coordination will be based in Soave for the next three years, as it is the location of the Strada that expresses its presidency.

Aims. “The 12 roads that are part of the Regional Coordination represent hundreds of farms and wineries, hospitality and catering businesses, traditional crafts, as well as many local authorities and territories that, together, give life to food and wine routes considered today in Veneto, one of the most important forms of emerging tourism, our aim is to operate, in close collaboration with the Region, to promote and enhance these paths through integrated tourism offerings, without forgetting the importance of training employees to work as well as the recovery of resources to implement the various programs “, says the president of the Regional Coordination Paolo Menapace, assertor of the first hour of the unity of intents of the Wine Roads and typical products of the Veneto region. “People’s wisdom teaches that unity is strength, therefore having a clear voice towards the institutions and other regional interlocutors will be important to be able to carry out large-scale joint projects”, confirms the vice president Isidoro Rebuli. One of the first promotional actions implemented by the Regional Coordination concerns the social networks, with the creation of the Facebook page of Wine, Olive Oil and Flavors of Veneto, which will include all the initiatives created for the public by the 12 Roads. More info: Soave Wine Route, tel. 045-7681407,