“At carnival every Frittella is worth”

“At carnival every frittella is worth”

From 9 to 16 February 2021

the National Federation of the Roads of Wine, Oil and Flavors of Italy

creates a virtual contest linked to Carnival sweets

a first trip along the boot to enhance one of the historical events of Italy, to discover the culinary traditions



Perugia, January 26, 2021 – The National Federation of Roads of Wine, Oil and Flavors of Italy will hold, from 9 to 16 February 2021, the first contest entitled “Every frittella is worth a carnival” (# acarnevaleognifrittellavale). A first journey made up of video stories and images, which will travel through the various regions of Italy, to discover the typical local sweets of the Carnival, which will unfold on the Federation’s social channels involving restaurateurs, bakers, pastry chefs and all fans who will want to share the traditions of their territory, linked to this period that recalls the celebration, transgression and freedom.

February is the month of Carnival, an ancient festival, born with man and his desire to celebrate life and the transition from winter to spring, a moment of fun, tradition, goliardia, but also a moment that connotes the Italian culture both from the historical point of view and for what is the gastronomic offer of our country.

In every region of Italy, Carnival is celebrated with feasts, masks, allegorical floats of papier-mâché and with typical sweets, prepared only at this time of the year, which are an example of the varied expression of the carnival traditions of our country and which represent a concentrate of history, culture and territory.

It is to celebrate this historic moment of Italian folklore that the Federation of Roads of Wine, Oil and Flavors of Italy organizes the contest “At carnival every pancake is worth”, which on the one hand wants to give visibility to the many catering professionals and of the white art, on the other hand promoting the territories and local traditions of Italy.

“The Roads of Wine, Oil and Flavors present in every part of Italy not only represent suitable communities, companies and the varied world of tourist hospitality, but are often custodians and” disseminators “of knowledge and flavors that they are unique, as the territories are unique – explained Paolo Morbidoni, President of the National Federation of Wine, Oil and Flavors Roads – Hence the idea of ​​enhancing the rituals and gastronomic traditions behind the many ” carnivals ”in Italy. By putting our network at the service of an operation that is above all cultural and that has the ambition of becoming a great showcase for Italian “know-how”. A “know-how” which – as happens for the “historic carnivals”, but also for small community events – often combines very high professionalism and extraordinary volunteer networks. Celebrating the “Carnivals” of Italy, even if only in a virtual way, means recognizing this combination of relevance and relevance. A combination that, we are convinced, will be one of the pillars of the restart of this country, after the emergency. ”

Who and how to participate in the contest “At carnival every pancake is worth”

From 9 to 16 February 2021, pastry artisans, bakers, bakers, restaurateurs, cooks, hosts, chefs, gastronauts, enthusiasts, tasters, will be able to participate for free in the contest “At carnival every pancake is worth” by sending to the Federation of Wine Roads, Olio e dei Sapori d’Italia, representative photos of a typical local Carnival dessert accompanied by the story of its history and tradition, a description and possibly the recipe (To participate, send your images in high resolution – 300 dpi, minimum size 35 × 35 – to, by February 16, 2021 and fill out the form that you can download here.)

All photos, chatter, pancakes, brighelle, damselfish, will be shared on the social channels of the Federation of Wine, Oil and Flavors of Italy roads with the # acarnevaleognifrittellavale and on the website.

At the end of the contest a jury appointed by the Federation will evaluate the works received and will decide to award the most representative photos and stories for each category in the competition, including artisans of white art, restaurateurs, communicators of taste, keepers of tradition, also taking into account the satisfaction that the materials will have on the social channels of the Federation.

The winners of each category will be announced on March 19, St. Joseph’s Day and will receive as a prize experiences, activities or products, offered by the Roads of Wine, Oil and Flavors of Italy and which will be communicated at the time of proclamation. of the winner.

A selection of shots and stories will become part of a digital book that will be produced by the Federation of Roads of Wine, Oil and Flavors of Italy and which will be available for download from 19 March on the website

The National Federation of the Roads of Wine, Oil and Flavors of Italy

The National Federation of Roads of Wine, Oil and Flavors of Italy, born in 2017 with the dual objective of joining forces and networking to become an authoritative interlocutor of the institutions in defining the discipline of wine tourism and contribute to growth and to the consolidation of rural, food and wine and cultural tourism in Italy, it represents over 80 public private partnerships in the wine, oil and agri-food sector, 90% of the realities actually operating in the national territory. The factors characterizing the Memorandum of Understanding that gave life to the Federation are: the exchange of good practices, also through joint participation in initiatives; the sharing of materials, information and data deemed of mutual and general interest; the creation of a working group to study joint tourist packages, educational and training activities, promotional activities, educational tours for buyers, educational tours for journalists; incentivize the achievement of high quality standards for the activity of individual roads; the study and implementation of cross cultural, commercial and promotional agreements; the commitment to disseminate the contents of the agreement within its own Regional Federation and to extend its value in the reference Region; the commitment to work jointly in the search for resources essential for the implementation of shared projects and in the optimization of existing ones, both at national and EU level; the collaboration between the signatories and with Bodies, Associations, Consortia in the sector to build a seasonally adjusted system of tourist flows and the enhancement of the essential services of the territory.

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