Etching Travel Designer was born in 2008, and since 10 years successfully operates as an Incoming tour operator, specializing in tailor made trips throughout Italy.

For about 3 years we are members of the “Strada del Radicchio” and over time we have specialized in organizing professional agricultural trips both in Italy and abroad.
Our selected Partners represent the most important agricultural, winemaking and cheese factories in the area.
Thanks to the collaboration with the largest cooperatives and the largest Italian producers, we are able to create and manage itineraries for both experts in the sector and for students.
With Etching you can:
meet representatives of agricultural associations such as Coldiretti, CIA and Confragricoltura;
– participate in high quality technical visits based on your interests;
-visit agricultural cultures and farms of our beautiful country;
– participate in workshops and tastings with the owners of the farms;
-create discussions and moments of exchange with producers and breeders;
– establish business relations;
– participate in agricultural fairs in Italy and abroad

Our initiative
During 2016 we developed an important project that we called “AgriCultures: once upon a time there was agriculture”.
It consists in proposing a series of conferences aimed at underlining the importance of the synergy between agriculture and tourism, all addressed to farms and farmers’ associations to raise awareness among the interlocutors towards:
-the importance of the exchange of knowledge with foreigners who do the same job by opening the doors of farms through technical visits;
– take advantage of trips abroad to get to know other countries also from an agricultural point of view.

Marketing and Promotion
To promote trips to Italy we invite selected Tour Operators and experts on agricultural trips to participate in our Educational: during the tours, our colleagues will discover a specific region chosen for its agricultural importance. They will visit the most important farms and farms as well as make tourist visits accompanied by our expert guides.

Our future goals
Since we were born as a receptive Tour Operator, our goal for 2017 is to expand as an outgoing operator to organize trips to Italians abroad to discover companies and farms in Europe and around the world.

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